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Ski suits

You have decided to spend your next vacation at a prestigious ski resort abroad or in your Fatherland, for example, in Crimea. To do this, you should decide on a vacation spot by looking at the offers on the websites of travel companies and, of course, get a good suit for skiing. Let’s look at this in more detail. The concept of a ski suit includes overalls or a jacket and trousers. These things should be waterproof, retain heat well, be light enough, spacious, and not restrict movement. In addition, the suit should look bright on snow-covered mountain slopes so that in case of an accident it can be easily found. It is also important that clothes for a ski resort should keep up with fashion and be stylish.

Thermal underwear

The lowest layer of clothing – thermal underwear Regular T-shirts can get wet from sweat during intense physical activity. They should be changed, otherwise you will simply freeze. Returning to base and then going back to the track is completely inconvenient. This is where thermal underwear comes to the rescue. It has the ability to remove accumulated moisture from the body. Of course, thermal underwear must be chosen carefully, making sure that it fits the body tightly without wrinkles.


The sweater is responsible for warming the athlete’s body. It is necessary to choose something so that it does not hinder your movements. But the sweater should be warm. Skiers often choose sweaters made from fleece. This material is soft to the touch and warm.

Jacket and trousers

The jacket and trousers for skiers are made of a special membrane fabric that does not allow wind to pass through and protects from rain and snow. It’s great if the jacket has a hood. It will also protect the athlete from bad weather. And pockets on clothes will add practicality. After all, you can put gloves or other necessary little things in them. When choosing a suit, look at the coefficients of water resistance and vapor permeability. The first one has an average of 5000 millimeters. And the second one – the average is 7000 millimeters per square meter. The higher these indicators on clothing, the more technologically advanced and, accordingly, expensive the suit will be. With maximum indicators on the tag, no bad weather is scary for you!

When choosing a suit for a ski resort, pay attention to the trim. Are the seams evenly stitched, are they taped, are the zippers jammed? Good quality suits should have protective inserts on the fabric to allow the athlete to avoid injury.